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How does a mystery dinner theatre work? 


It all begins the moment you step through the door- greeted and seated by the characters, you become part of the scene, as witness, sleuth and potentially accomplice to the crime. The story - a murder or murders! - is played out between courses of your four-course dinner.  Our actors will transport you to another time and place, easing you into the story with skilled improv and period music.  You can sit back and enjoy what unfolds or jump in and play along, interrogating suspects as they pour your coffee or serve your main course.

Anyone in the room can end up being a part of the show, and the action happens throughout the entire room! Throughout the night, a crime(s) will occur, hidden clues will be revealed, and everyone will try to crack the case. In the end, we have a Prize Package awaiting the Top Sleuth who provides the best answer before the killer is unmasked!


PLEASE NOTE: Prop guns, loud simulated gunshots, and short lighting blackouts are used as part of the performance!

How do I get the best seats? Are some seats better than others?

The show is designed for optimal viewing from any area of the room. Our motto is “watch your back,” because you never know where the action will come from. 

How much are tickets to the show?

Individual tickets (for parties of 1-8 guests) are $65 per person  and they include dinner, show and tax. A ticket fee of $2 per ticket is added by our reservation processor.  Buy your tickets now, seating is limited.

Where do I pick up my tickets?

No paper ticket is required. You’ll receive an email confirmation with the details of your reservation and the maitre d' will be ready with your seating and entree choices at the door.  Just give your name, the secret password and you'll be swept into the crime scene itself.

What time does the evening start? end?

The entire experience is about 2-3 hours... seating and check-in is at 6:30-7 pm, followed immediately by antipasti and cocktail service, and the first scene starts at 7:30pm. Murder’s solved, the guilty are carted away and the innocent are free to go roughly between 9:00 and 9:30 p.m.. Timing varies with size of group and specifics of interaction and improv on any given night.

Is there any age restriction?

Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys… all children.  In deference to these youthful sleuths, we enforce a 8-year-old minimum age restriction. That said, please keep in mind our show is rated PG-13.  In addition to murder, we also serve a healthy portion of romance and sexual innuendo.  If you're comfortable with the rating, all we ask is that your child be ready and willing to sit back and enjoy a three act play and a four-course dinner.

What beverages are included?

Water service is provided throughout; coffee and hot tea are served with dessert. If your taste runs to something more mysterious and intriguing, we've got you covered with bar and cocktail service ranging from sodas to beer, wine & cocktails.  Beverages are ordered and paid separately through the venue cocktail servers/ticket counters.

What kind of drinks are available?

We offer a beer, wine and cocktail service.  Pick your poison. Tom Collins is the traditional choice among gumshoes. Bathtub gin punch makes the Flappers happy. Cocktails, beer, & wine are separate from murder mystery tickets. For those who like a little something special, but don’t want to dip the bill, we have mocktails and soda. 

What about the other activities at the event? 

Our mystery is set in a 1920’s SPEAKEASY and includes a small casino, dance floor and live period music with floor show. Characters will strut their stuff and spend time at the craps table. Guests are encouraged to join them! All raffle and games tickets will benefit Benicia Grad Night and Robert Semple PTG in their mission to provide for children in our community. In addition to wonderful items for raffle, we will also have a 50/50 raffle in our casino at Big Al’s Place. 

What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

Got a vintage tux? How about a feather boa? Break out that Jackie-O dress and your Princess Grace tiara! In the 1920's flappers, gangster goons and Gatsby gowns were all around and our cast welcomes guests in costume. We love it when people dress up so feel free to use the evening as an excuse to have fun and dress to the nines! Our official dress code is business casual to formal wear, retro chic to elegant. (Please, we prefer no sweatshirts, shorts, t-shirts, or tennis shoes).  

Is there a costume contest? 

Yes! All guests are encouraged to dress the part of gangster, gun moll or a dapper Gatsby Gent or Flapper. We will hold a costume contest during the eve and the winner will receive a prize in addition to having photos taken for Benicia Magazine and our website! 

Will there be photographers present? 

Yes! We have a pair of professional photographers, Babs and Blue Eyes O’Malley, who work privately for Big Al himself and will be snapping photos throughout the night. Selfie spots will also be made available. 

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